Experience Culture

Boat Trip

Sail Past the Vineyards by Boat

Ride a ship on the Danube through the Wachau valley. Taste exceptional wines of the region in this wonderful atmosphere. The wines are from the vineyards the ship sails past.

Please wear sturdy shoes and bring your camera.

Mini Train

Ride the Mini Train

A commented tour through the towns of Dürnstein, Upper and Lower Loiben and over the Loiben Mountain (panorama path with wonderful views) in the mini train.

Afterwards wine tasting in the historical wine cellar.

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Wachau Tour

Wachau Tour

Take the bus through the World Cultural Heritage Wachau:

Visit Melk Abbey, Artstetten Castle (burial site of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was murdered in Sarajevo) and the ruins of Aggstein.


ca 2 hours
(minimum 15 people, up to 160 people possible)


ca. 1 hours (train ride only)


Half or full-day tour depending on the program decided upon.